Positively Preggers

Well, I guess after five positive pregnancy tests, you REALLY are pregnant. It was definitely a surprise for me when the faintest line appeared on a test 4 days before I should have even tested. I remember I decided that the test was old and was wrong. I went to Rite Aid later that day and bought 2 boxes with 4 tests. I took another one that day, the digital one, and it read a big, fat “Pregnant.” I still didn’t quite believe it and over the next couple days, I took 3 more tests, which all came out with darker and darker positives.

Even then I was still not totally convinced I was really pregnant. After yet another test, this time at Planned Parenthood, I was told that I was 100% pregnant. For the longest time, I was in completely in denial because I did not feel like I was pregnant at all. The only thing that prompted me to take a test was the fact that for 10 nights in a row, I had vivid dreams that I remembered when I woke up… EXTEREMELY weird for me. I read somewhere online that you can have crazy vivid dreams as a result of changing BC pills. I had just switched to a lower dose of BC pills because the other kind I was taking was making me tired and dizzy all the time.

Anywho, I had to wait an excruciating 8 days to tell my boyfriend, Tyler, that I was pregnant because he was on a family vaction in Hawaii. I figured I should wait because the last thing I wanted to do was ruin his vacation on top of ruining his life in one day. hahaha. I told him during the first week of August, when I went up to visit him and interview for a job in the area. I remember being absolutely petrified of how Tyler was going to react to my news. Surprisingly, yet at the same time unsurprisingly, he was very supportive and even seemed almost excited about having a baby and starting a little family.

A day or two later, Tyler told his parents. We were unsure of how they were going to react. I couldn’t even face them when Tyler told them, so I hid in his room and cried like a hormonal pregnant girl would. It turns out, they were very supportive and said that I could stay with them (I just got that job I had interviewed for) until we found a place to live together.


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