9 Weeks 4 days – First Official Prenatal Appointment

Today I had my first real prenatal appointment and I got to see our baby for the second time. He was a lot bigger, and looked a bit like a gummy bear. Yes, I call the baby a he. I decided that I was tired of calling the baby “it” and I just have this gut feeling that the baby is a boy. We won’t find out the gender officially until around 19-20 weeks.

Anywho, the craziest thing happened during this appointment… Tyler and I got to hear our baby’s heart beating for the very first time! I couldn’t help but laugh. This was probably the second most surreal moment of my life, compared to the first, which was seeing him for the first time. In this ultrasound, you could see his eyes and arms. He looks like a little alien to me lol.

My estimated due date is April 1, 2013, April Fool’s Day, which I think is absolutely hilarious and ironic. This past April Fools, I wrote on twitter something along the lines of “well, the next 9 months are really going to suck.” It was my pathetic attempt at an April Fool’s joke and now, I may have my baby on April Fool’s. No joke.



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