19 Weeks 4 Days and Austin’s Anatomy Scan

Today, Tyler and I got a good look at our little man and he was definitely not shy at all. Everything looks good anatomy-wise and he didn’t have any apparent physical symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis, which is a good sign. They made us talk to a genetic counselor again and she made a call to Kaiser genetics lab to get more information on the maternal cell contamination during the CVS test that I had a month and a half earlier. She later told us that they were unable to get any results because they were unable to differentiate between my cells and the baby’s cells… Either my cells took over the baby’s cells completely when they were trying to grow them in the lab or they were completely unable to tell the difference because both the baby may be a Cystic Fibrosis carrier like me.

That last little bit, the fact that one possible reason the test didn’t work out might be because the baby is only a carrier of the CF gene like me, gave me a little bit of hope. I know there is a 75% chance that the baby is completely healthy, but after everything that has happened, the 4% chance of me and Tyler both being carriers and the 0.5% chance of maternal cell contamination during a CVS test, I feel like the odds are completely against me.



Baby Austin’s Foot ❤ (and my favorite picture of him so far!!)

foot nov 8


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