The THIRD Trimester – Month 7

I can’t believe I am in my third trimester!! It seems like time is flying by, but at the same time, it feels like it is dragging on and on!!!! I just want to meet my little man already! I am almost 31 weeks and that marks the beginning of my 8th month of pregnancy. Baby Austin is moving around a lot and his favorite place to put his feet is right under my ribs (on the right side only for some reason).

My first baby shower is this Saturday in Fresno. It will be a rather unconventional baby shower with all of my college friends. I haven’t seen 99% of them since I graduated in May 2012.

Only 9 weeks (66 days exactly) until my due date. I have a feeling that my little man will be a little early, 1-2 weeks. It is just the gut feeling I have. Hopefully he doesn’t come on a day that is already taken (Quinnie’s bday 3/21 or Matthew’s bday 3/23).

Pictures from Month 7 🙂

28 Weeks

28 weeks


29 Weeks

29.5 weels

30 Weeks

30 weels



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