Hard Days

Somedays are hard. Yesterday was one of them.

Austin has been on antibiotics for over 48 hrs and has started to show some side effects from it. One of the side effects is diarrhea. Let me tell you, babies plus diarrhea is just bad news bears. Thankfully, he only stained one outfit today.

When most babies get diarrhea, dehydration is always a concern, but when it comes to CF babies, dehydration can come on much more quickly and can be very severe due to their condition. Another thing we have to worry about is Austin losing too much salt from the water loss and it throwing off his whole electrolyte balance.

The other side effect of the antibiotics is a decrease in appetite, which the little man really had yesterday. Just what we need, a decreased appetite when we are trying to get him to gain weight! I called Austin’s CF nurse as soon as I noticed these side effects and she instructed me to lower his dose to 3 mL in hopes of reducing the diarrhea.

Hopefully it stops and hopefully he eats a little better today.

On a completely different note, I’ve raised $800 so far for my Great Strides team! I’ve surpassed the halfway mark for my personal goal of $1500, but hopefully I can raise even more 🙂

Visit http://www.cff.org/great_strides/foraustinwoods


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