Pulmozyme Day 1

Today was Austin’s first time with Pulmozyme (info on Pulmozyme here), a medication his doctors wanted to put him on due to signs of chronic inflammation and mucus in his chest X-ray. We hope that once the inflammation gets under control, Austin will be able to put on some weight. Pulmozyme, which costs $2,367.28 for a 30 day supply (yay for insurance), is taken via nebulizer until it is gone in about 10 minutes.
In the last 2-3 days, Austin has gotten SO much better at not crying during his Albuterol Inhaler puffs. Both Tyler and I were really surprised because that was by far his least favorite treatment.
He has his last pediatrician appointment in Santa Rosa on Thursday for a weight check! We are really hoping he has put on some weight since last Friday! I would love to see him back on the 3% line… wow, I never thought i would be hoping for such a low percentage, but lets be honest, that 3% growth curve line is looking SO much better than his current 0.9%!!
I will try to update this blog after Thursday’s appointment, but it may not happen since Thursday is our last day of packing before our big move to Santa Cruz on Friday!

First time with Pulmozyme



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