Austin at 4 Months

Austin McKean Woods at 4 Months:

Weight: 11 pounds 13 oz (on 7/29)

Height: Around 25 inches

Hair/eye color: brown/oily dark brown

Favorite foods: applesauce and milk/formula

Favorite toys: Mr. Crinkles (an elephant toy that makes crinkle noises) and his hands

Favorite things to chew on: EVERYTHING because he is teething

Favorite song to be sang to: YMCA (hahaha I make him dance to it)

Favorite thing to watch: Curious George

Milestones this month: Austin can now roll over from his stomach to his back (only rolls to the right) and he laughs/giggles much more often. Austin also gets very excited when I show him the sign for “more” when its time for him to eat, making me think he’s actually starting to understand it.




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