4 Month Wellness Checkup

Today was Austin’s 4 month wellness check-up and shots appointment. He was wiggling around a whole bunch and grabbing onto the doctor’s hands and examination tools, trying to put all of them in his mouth. He had 3 immunization shots while I was nursing him, but it didn’t help too much because he still cried while the shots were given. Poor guy!

He weighed in at 12 lb 10 oz again, meaning no weight gain this past week. I’m so bummed that he didn’t get to 13 pounds. He dropped from the 10th percentile to the 6th percentile. His head was 16.5 inches (25th percentile) and his length was 26 inches (79th percentile). He still seems to be growing pretty well considering his lack of weight gain. His BMI is now below the 0.1 percentile. We’ve definitely got a skinny boy on our hands.

I’ve decided to start introducing rice cereal into his diet at some point this week. It will be mixed with his calorie dense formula. I’m hoping to get him used to eating solid foods as soon as possible so Stanford will give us the okay to put coconut oil in his foods. All the extra calories and fat in the oil should really help with his weight gain.

Again, I’m nervous about his next appointment. I’m not sure if he will be admitted or not for the tests on his stomach PH levels, which will require hospitalization for a little more than 24 hours since there will be a tube down his nose to his stomach for the duration of the PH monitoring. If they suggest a g-tube, I’m going tell them to I want to hold off until Austin is established eating solid foods and able to eat the coconut oil. If there is obvious/drastic weight-loss, obviously a g-tube will be a better option, but until that happens, which I doubt it will, I plan on him gaining weight the old-fashioned way.

20130813-130115.jpgJust minutes after his 3 shots.


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