No Hospitalization Today!

Austin did it! He gained an amount of weight that his CF team is okay with. It was still lower than what they really want, but apparently 12 lb 15 oz sufficed. Ideally, they want him to gain 1.25 oz a day and in the last 3 weeks he averaged 0.85 oz a day. It is still much better than nothing!!

Austin has 4 weeks until his next Stanford appointment. However, he has 2 weeks until his pediatrician weight check to get to 13 lb 13 oz. He has a little leeway, but if he is at or below 13 lb 7 oz, his doctors will want to see him earlier and may consider the G-tube again. Hopefully, now that he has been given the OK to start eating meats (baby food or puréed meats), weight won’t be as much of an issue for him. His dietitian also pretty much recommended that I stop breastfeeding soon so he can have more bottles with the calorie-dense formula. This past week I dropped from breastfeeding 3x a week to only 2x and now they only want 1x and to stop as soon as I am ready to (I hope to make it 2 more weeks, when he will turn 5 months old).

In addition to breastfeeding less and adding meats to his diets, he is going back on antibiotics for another 10 days due to a little cough and a rapid breathing rate. For the duration of his 3rd round of antibiotics, we will have to do his beatings and nebulize albuterol 3x a day instead of our regular 2x a day. He had another throat swab today to see what kind of fun stuff he’s growing in his throat/lungs. Depending on what he grows, his antibiotics may be altered at the end of the week.

Austin is also going to be put on Mucomyst, a medication he will ingest orally to help breakdown/thin out all the mucus he has been swallowing and pooping out. I think that was pretty much everything that will be changing. I’m curious to see how Austin will like eating meats and if he will chunk up a bit more. I am really glad we avoided a stay at the hospital today because it is much too nice out to spend the whole day in a place like that!20130819-160104.jpg
Sleepy baby :/ he hasn’t had a real decent nap yet today!


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