Austin’s Updated Daily Routine

His routine has definitely changed a bit since the first time I posted his routine more than 2 months ago.  Times vary a bit, but this is the general schedule.

8:30 am – Austin wakes up, has his diaper changed, eats

  • Spoonful of applesauce with 2 enzymes and 1/2 tablet of Prevacid
  • Eats 4-5oz of bottle made with 6 oz of water/4 scoops of formula
  • Bottle also contains 1/8 tsp of salt and 1 mL of ADEK vitamins
  • Takes 2.8 mL of Augmentin (antibiotics)

9:30 am – Austin begins his treatments while watching Curious George

  • Nebulizer with Albuterol – 10 minutes
  • Nebulizer with Sodium Chloride – 10 minutes
  • Nebulizer with Pulmozyme – until gone (about 15 minutes)
  • Chest Physiotherapy on different spots of his lungs – 18 minutes if only using one hand for percussion, 9 minutes if using 2 hands for percussion

10:30-11 am – Austin plays in his playpen or hangs out in his swing

  • I use this time to clean/sanitize all of his nebulizer kits/bottles

11:15 am – Austin has enzymes/eats 4-5 oz of formula and then plays more

12:15 pm – I usually read to Austin and then put him down for a 45-60 minute nap

1:45 pm – Austin has enzymes/eats some solid food and then 4-5 oz of formula

  • He rotates between avocado/chicken and prunes/chicken

3 pm – Austin gets his afternoon “beating”

  • Nebulize Albuterol – 10 minutes
  • Chest Physiotherapy on different spots of his lungs – 18 minutes if only using one hand for percussion, 9 minutes if using 2 hands for percussion

3:45 pm – Austin naps from 1 1/2 to 2 hours

6 pm – Austin has enzymes/eats solid foods again and 5-6oz of formula & then we play

  • He also has the other 1/2 of the Prevacid tablet

7 pm – Austin naps for 45-60 minutes

8:15 pm – Austin has enzymes/eats 5-6 oz of formula and has 2.8 mL of his antibiotics

9 pm – Austin has his evening treatments

  • same as the morning treatment, EXCEPT NO Pulmozyme

9:35 pm – I get Austin into his PJs and cuddle with him

10 pm – Austin has enzymes/eats his final bottle with 5-6 oz of formula

10:30 – Austin is swaddled, given goodnight kisses and put in his crib

  • He usually just rolls over to his side and passes out within a minute 🙂

**Austin typically sleeps 9-10 hours every night!**

Woah, that took a long time to type out it seems like! A good 2-3 hours a day are pretty much solely devoted to his lung treatments. Austin is ALMOST big enough for a vest and that will cut down his treatment time significantly because it will take the place of manual chest percussion and it can be done simultaneously with his nebulizer treatments. I am hoping that he can be fitted for one at his next appointment on September 18th.


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