My 3 Day Detox!

I saw this awesome looking detox on the Dr. Oz show when I was probably 8 months pregnant and could not wait to be able to do it!  A few days ago, I decided it was finally time to do the 3 day smoothie detox, since I was no longer pregnant or breastfeeding.

The day before the cleanse, I convinced my mom to do it with me, who then convinced my dad to do it as well.  I did the math for the extra ingredients and went to Safeway to buy it all.  It was about $150 for the ingredients for all of us (not including the probiotics, fish oil, lavender oil, epsom salt, and multi-vitamins).  It definitely costs more than the $16 a day that Dr. Oz said it would be.


After organizing all of the ingredients at home, I pre-cut and pre-bagged all of the fruits and vegetables that went into every single smoothie so they could be frozen and easily blended with the other ingredients when it was time to eat. It took quite a while, about 2 hours, for me to prep and organize 36 bags of smoothie meals.

Here is the sheet we followed for the detox:



Tea Time: I woke up excited to start and the tea was really good (I have always loved tea).

Breakfast: It was really good, although I do wish that it was a bit more fruity. I felt pretty full until it was about 12pm.

Lunch: The lunch smoothie took forever to blend because there is just so much stuff!!! I can’t imagine what it would have been like trying to blend un-cut celery and cucumber!! This smoothie didn’t really taste that bad, but the texture is definitely something you can’t really get used to. It’s like you don’t know whether to drink it or try to chew it. After this smoothie, my stomach kind of hurt for an hour or so, probably because this smoothie was so huge and not super pleasant to get down. It was fun trying to drink it with my mom because she kept saying stuff like “I want chipotle!” and “I could really go for a whopper right about now.”

Snack: I read that the best tasting smoothie was the breakfast smoothie (everyone was right), so I pre-planned for the breakfast smoothie to also be the snack smoothie.  I ate it around 5 pm. Somehow, the same smoothie from this morning tasted even better than it did before.

Dinner: The dinner smoothie was pretty good. I ate it around 8 pm to ensure that I wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungry. To me, this smoothie tasted like mangos with a little kick (cayenne pepper). This was my dad’s least favorite drink. I drank this smoothie while taking the detox bath, which made my whole place smell like lavender.  After that bath, I was so wiped out and just wanted to get into bed. Surprisingly, Tyler and I both got into bed at the same time that Austin went to bed, about 10:20 pm. I slept VERY good last night.


Tea Time: Woke up feeling like I could sleep for another two hours, but of course, little man Austin would never allow such a thing. I got up around 8:30 am and got Austin’s bottle and AM meds ready. After Austin ate, I had my tea.  I used less of the stevia this time.

Breakfast: I had my breakfast smoothie around 9:30 am I think. It was really yummy, and I always enjoy licking the almond butter off of the spoon while blending the smoothie. I felt a little tired and lazy pretty much the rest of the morning. I guess it is a good thing, cause it means that my body is really working to get rid of toxins.

Lunch: The green smoothie was better today, since I decided to add water to it to make it more liquidy. After lunch, I noticed I felt even more tired and had a little bit of a headache. Around 2:30 pm, I had a random burst of energy and decided to go swimming with Tyler and Austin.

Snack: I had my snack smoothie at 5 pm again and I was SO HUNGRY while I was trying to get my smoothie blended. I finished my smoothie in about 10 minutes, trying to savor it, while Tyler was eating a blueberry bagel with nutella and granola with yogurt. I want to chew on something. I WANT REAL FOOD. So, I decided to cheat and eat 1, yes ONE, raw almond. I am such a terrible person 😛 Oh, earlier in the day, I also cheated by eating 1/2 of a grape (haha) to try and get Kaylie to eat some of her grapes. Right now, I have a little headache again. I think I might need to drink more water, but most of the time I feel so full from the smoothies that I forget about water all together.

Dinner: TBA




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