1 Month Supply of Medications

Today Austin’s medications, a one month supply of everything, were delivered from Modern Health Pharmacy located in Hollywood, CA (BEST pharmacy I have worked with so far).  This is what was in the box, $3942.90 worth of medication.

1 Month supply = $3,942.90

1 Month supply = $3,942.90

Our “Pharmacy” now contains:

7 boxes of Albuterol Sulfate 1.25mg/mL (nebulized medication)

5 ProAir HFA Albuterol Sulfate inhalers

1 Albuterol Sulfate .25 mL (to be mixed with Mucomyst and nebulized)

13 vials of 30mL Mucomyst (Acetylcysteine 20%)

1.5 month supply of Sodium Chloride (nebulized medication)

1.75 month supply of Pulmozyme (refrigerated and nebulized)

1.5 month supply of PrevAcid

10 boxes of AquADEKs (Vitamins)

18 boxes of ZenPep 3,000 (Enzymes)

13 cans of formula

I think that is all…

Grand total of all the medications in our “pharmacy” is well over $15,000.

Our "Pharmacy"

Our “Pharmacy” that has been growing since Austin was diagnosed! It is a shelf in a closet.

YES!!! I found a picture of our very first “pharmacy” at our old apartment! This was back when Austin was only on 4 different medications. He is now on about a dozen!

I used to think that our first "Pharmacy" was impressive...

I used to think that our first “Pharmacy” was impressive… It was just a small cabinet in the kitchen


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