Austin at 9 months :)

Austin McKean Woods at 9 Months:

Weight: He hasn’t been officially weighed in almost a month, but we think he is about 19 pounds even.

Height: Around 29 inches

Hair/eye color: brown/brown

Favorite foods: baby goldfish crackers, cheese puffs, fruit/veggie melts, PUDDING, mommy and daddy’s foods

Favorite toys: Anything he can stand up with, especially his little “walkers”

Favorite things to chew on: His nebulizer tubes, remote controls, tubes of teething medicine, mom’s iphone

Favorite song: Curious George theme song and Bubble Guppies theme songs

Favorite thing to watch: Curious George, Bubble Guppies, Toy Story movies

Milestones this past month: He stands up ALL THE TIME and he enjoys jumping on his mattress in his crib. He is able to walk around with the support of anything he can grab onto.  He currently has 4 of his upper teeth coming in all at once! He is able to say dad/daddy, kitty, all done, more, but still won’t say mom 😦

Probably one of the cutest things that Austin does is squeal “daddy!” when he first sees Tyler coming home from work. He gets so excited to see him after Tyler’s long work day!

Daddy and Austin at the beach

Daddy and Austin at the beach


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