Austin at 10 months

Austin McKean Woods at 10 Months:

Weight: a little over 20 pounds

Height: Around 30 inches

Hair/eye color: brown/brown

Favorite foods: baby goldfish crackers, scrambled eggs with avocado

Favorite toys: all of his ball toys

Favorite things to chew on: books, pieces of his play area mat

Favorite song: Curious George theme song and Bubble Guppies theme songs

Favorite thing to watch: Curious George, LOVES Toy Story movies now

Milestones this past month: Last month Austin had only 2 teeth and now he has almost 10 teeth!!! We have been putting Austin on the potty to start getting him used to it at an early age in hopes of potty training him completely by the time he is 18 months old. Yesterday was the first day he went potty and he went 2x in one day! We are so stoked! We will continue to put him on the potty about 3x a day!

Austin is able to stand for a couple seconds without holding onto anything. It’s funny because as soon as he realizes he is standing up on his own, he freaks out and sits down lol. Oh, in the beginning of January, he finally started crawling “normally” instead of scooting everywhere.



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