Yesterday’s Stanford Appointment!

Austin’s appointment at Stanford yesterday was definitely a quickie, as Austin and I were in and out in about 45 minutes! He weighed in at 20 lb 11 oz (38th percentile) and was measured at 29.5 inches (66th percentile), but Stanford didn’t measure him correctly because they have him shorter than he was almost 2 months ago! He is definitely at least 30 inches tall.

With the weight and length measurements that Stanford used, they have Austin at 50th percentile for BMI, however, with his REAL height, his BMI is around the 40th percentile! I am pretty stoked on his huge climb up the BMI charts and the fact that he gained 2 pounds in 2 months without me tracking/worrying about Austin’s calorie intake!

One thing his dietician and I discussed was whether or not to start giving him real milk. She said we could start the transition to milk (20 calories/oz), but she wants him to eventually drink Pediasure instead (30 calories/oz). As Austin gets older, he is going to become much more active, running around, and he will require even more calories! His new calorie goal is 1100 (“normal” babies his age require about 850 calories a day).

Another highlight of this appointment, was that he got 100% SpO2 (concentration of oxygen in blood). Austin usually is around 96-98%, so this 100% was pretty cool to see!

Austin’s next appointment is 12 days after his 1st birthday, on April 14th. This appointment will be pretty long, up to 3 hours, and will be very thorough. In addition to his all the stuff he has to do in a regular visit, he will will have complete blood work-up and his second chest x-ray.

In other news, WE HAVE AUSTIN’S STORY IN THE SANTA CRUZ SENTINEL TODAY!!! So exciting! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out HERE!

ALSO, I have already sold a number of wristbands and still have more to sell!

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Thank you SO much for your continued support!

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One thought on “Yesterday’s Stanford Appointment!

  1. Jordan, fell free to contact me, Lori. I live in Monterey I have two adult children(30 & 28) with CF, we have a non-profit foundation. The LivingBreath Foundation we help people with the financial aspect of having the disease. http://www.thelivingbreathfoundation, we are partnered with a group from Santa Cruz called Friend Cure CF. Email me and I will give you my number.

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