Austin at 11 Months

Austin McKean Woods at 11 Months:

Weight: About 21 pounds

Height: Around 30 inches?

Hair/eye color: brown/brown

Favorite foods: quesadillas, grilled cheese, quinoa and black beans, PUDDINGS!

Favorite toys: ALL of his ball toys (loves his new ball pit) and his toy tractors

Favorite things to chew on: pieces of his play area mat and the wheels of the toy tractors

Favorite song: Any song from Toy Story and Curious George theme song

Favorite thing to watch: LOVES all Toy Story movies

Milestones this past month: Austin is standing more frequently and longer on his own. He takes a few steps by himself, but he still is not walking. We think he will be walking by his first birthday though! In addition to standing more, Austin likes to have full-on baby babble conversations with his toys and anyone else who will listen to him. It is pretty darn cute and really funny to interact with him.

Standing and chugging water :)

Standing and chugging water 🙂


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