Austin at 1 Year :)

Austin McKean Woods at 1 Year Old:

Weight: 21 pounds 9 ounces

Height: A little over 30 inches

Hair/eye color: brown/light brown

Favorite foods: Mac & Cheese, Mexican food, pizza, animal crackers, oreos

Favorite toys: His new Woody/Buzz toys, his toy cars, and his toy balls

Favorite things to chew on: his fingers

Favorite song: Any song from Toy Story and Curious George theme song

Favorite thing to watch: LOVES all Toy Story movies STILL

Austin can say: Dad/daddy, Dude, All done, I did it, Stop, Don’t, Ba-ba, Hi, No, Kitty, Doggie, and (very rarely) Mom.

Milestones this past month: Austin began walking on his own on March 12, at 11 1/2 months old. He has pretty much mastered walking now, however, he does tend to walk like he’s “drunk” when he is tired. In the last couple weeks, Austin has started baby babbling full on conversations with us. We have no idea what the heck he is saying, but it is fun to talk to him. The biggest milestone by far is that Austin made it a whole year without any admissions into the hospital and managed to avoid a feeding tube several times!! He is doing really well health-wise and hopefully it will continue for many more years!

Birthday Cake Face :)

Birthday Cake Face 🙂


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