Austin’s First Annual Stanford Appointment!

Today’s appointment went pretty well, although, Austin was in a very cranky mood and he cried whenever a nurse/doctor/phlebotomist/x-ray tech touched him.

To start off, here were Austin’s stats for this appointment:

Blood Oxygen: 100%

Weight: 22 pounds even (35%)

Height: 30.5 inches (70%)

Right after all the stats were taken and just as I was about to put a diaper on (a screaming) Austin, HE FREAKING PEED ON HIS FACE!!!! OMG. The nurse got a towel to clean/dry him off and as soon as I was about to put on his diaper, HE PEED ON HIS FACE. AGAIN!!!!!! He hasn’t peed on his face since he was just a few days old! Such a great way to start out the appointment!

Anyways, his dietician informed me that his BMI “dropped” to 39% because Stanford FINALLY got his height correct (they always measured him much shorter than he really is). I already knew his BMI was much lower than the 50% they had him at his last appointment. We discussed upping many of his medications, including his enzymes.

Enzymes: Moving from 3-4 ZenPep 3000 capsules to 3-4 ZenPep 5000s

Vitamins: Moving up from 1 mL to 2mL of AquADEKs

His Albuterol doses will be increased as well.

After his CF crew (respiratory therapist/dietician/nurse/doctor) all saw him and after his sputum/throat culture, my mom, Austin and I, headed to the Radiology department for Austin’s chest x-ray. He screamed and cried as I held him down for 2 or 3 “pictures” and then we went to the laboratory in the next room for his blood draw. He, again, screamed and cried.

I think he was super cranky today for a multitude of different reasons. First off, his molars are just starting to cut through his gums. In addition to having those big teeth come in, he was super gassy and definitely tired/hungry towards the end of his appointment (before the x-ray/blood lab).

We find out the results of his x-ray/blood draw by the end of this week and we get his sputum/throat culture result early next week. I am assuming all will be good, especially his throat culture, because he was recently on antibiotics for a nasty cold. I think one of the worst things we could hear would be his vitamin K levels are too low and he will need yet another vitamin supplement.

Austin’s next CF clinic appointment at Stanford is TBA because they do not schedule appointments 3 months out this far in advance! YES, 3 MONTHS! Austin is finally going to be on a “normal” CFer clinic schedule, going only 4 times a year! Pretty stoked on that!


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