Hospital Stay UPDATE – 5/4/14

It has been pretty challenging trying to keep everyone updated with Austin’s current status since I do not have any cell service here on the 6th floor of UCSF Benihoff Children’s Hospital. So I just wanted to write an update so everyone can read this and be on the same page.

First off, for those who do not know much, Austin was admitted to the hospital around 3pm on Thursday, May 1st, for really bad constipation. It often happens with CF patients and if it is not resolved fairly quickly, they can develop intestinal blockages. Anyways, the x-ray revealed that he had no intestinal obstructions, however his colon was pretty enlarged since he was so backed up. They decided to give him a four doses of Miralax throughout the day and hook him up to IV fluids to keep him hydrated. We were only anticipating a one night stay to “clean him out,” but surprisingly, that is not the case.

In Austin’s original x-ray of his stomach/intestines and his chest, it appeared he had a chest infection so they started him immediately on IV antibiotics every 6 hours. After being re-x-rayed on Friday, it appears that the real problem is that his lungs are very inflamed (especially his small airways) and hyper inflated. He is also breathing fast for a baby his age, however he has ALWAYS had a faster breathing rate since the day he was born, which is also concerning the doctors. They believe he is fighting off a virus now, which may be causing more inflammation than he had in his last x-ray on April 14. We should be getting his throat culture results back on Monday or Tuesday.

Oh, I almost forgot about his constipation! He has been doing #2 normally again, but they want to continue to give him one dose of Miralax everyday to make sure he stays regular and that no new build up develops.

Anyways, Austin is currently being closely monitored and having breathing treatments 4x a day. This morning, his respiratory therapist noted that Austin’s breathing sounded better via stethoscope and that it sounds like his airways are filling up better. He still has a little stuffy nose and has been snoring since the night before we were admitted. Yesterday, Austin had a PICC line placed in his upper right arm, which should allow for him to be detached form his IV lines every so often. I am trying really hard to see if they will be able to do his IV antibiotic doses every 12 hours instead of every 6 hours, as it will allow him to be detached lines from 7am to about 6pm. It is really hard to let him roam around on the floor because his IV lines get pulled on a lot because he moves so much.

Also, later today they will be doing an RSV test (click here for more info on RSV), where they will stick a long cotton swab deep down through his nose. They have also mentioned possibly doing a bronchoscopy in the future to get a good look and good culture from inside his lungs to check for pseudomonas. That is pretty much all I can really think of for now. I will post another update when I learn more or if there are any changes! Thank you for the continued support and prayers.

Right after his PICC line was put in.

Right after his PICC line was put in.


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