5/7/14 – 2pm Update

We are still waiting on the results of his RSV culture, but his doctor doesn’t think he will really culture anything. We hope by tomorrow he will be able to leave his room. Austin is going to have his antibiotics changed to a dose every 8 hours instead of every 6 hours, meaning he will have another 2 hours a day disconnected from his IV lines!

Austin is FOR SURE having a bronchoscopy tomorrow. It is scheduled for 3pm, however, they are going to see if they can move it up to an earlier slot. After the bronchoscopy, we will be here for at least 1-2 more days, BUT:

If Austin continues to improve like he has been for the last few days, we shouldn’t be here for too much longer and might even be able to go home the day before/on Mother’s Day! That would be the best Mother’s Day present by FAR!  His breathing has improved a lot because his smaller airways are getting more air and he is using less “force” from his stomach to help him breathe. He is still breathing at a faster rate than is typical (20-30 breaths a minute is normal, while he does 35-45 on average), but I guess it is just his “thing.”

Anyways, YAY for some good tangible news on a release day! Keep up the good thoughts/prayers, especially for tomorrow with Austin being put under general anesthesia for the bronchoscopy!


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