5/8/14 – Post-Bronchoscopy Update 7pm

Austin had his bronchoscopy around 4pm today and he is now back in his room, eating like crazy since he hasn’t eaten anything since 9pm last night.  The bronchoscopy went well and he did have a bit more mucus in his lungs than is typical and he had some bleeding during the rinsing, which usually indicates a chronic infection of some kind in CF patients. We have to wait 24-48 hours to see what the culture starts to grow, but we won’t know the exact bacteria species for 4-5 days. It is still a possibility of being discharged sometime this weekend!

Austin will have his O2 levels monitored overnight and he may or may not develop a fever at some point as a result of the procedure. He is definitely coughing more, but they said that is expected after a bronchoscopy. Thanks again for all the good thoughts/prayers!





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