5/9/14 – 11am Update (not going home this weekend)

Since Austin’s bronchoscopy yesterday afternoon, he has been coughing a bit more, which was expected. He did well last night and had no fever and no problems with his O2 levels. He is in a cranky mood today for whatever reason, possible a side-effect of being under general anesthesia yesterday. We don’t have too much information from the bronchoscopy yet, except that there was a higher white-blood cell count in the sample taken from his lungs. This indicates inflammation of the lungs and some infection, which he is already being treated for via IV antibiotics. Hopefully we will know more in the next 24 hours.

The worst news we got is that we will be stuck here for another freaking week. Kill me now. I managed to get the nurses to agree to disconnect him twice a day now so he will be IV free from when he wakes up until 2pm and then 2:30pm until 10pm. THANK GOODNESS! It is soooooo unbelievably hard to keep this guy from getting tangled up in his lines when he is playing/running around.

Anyways, we are continuing IV antibiotics every 8 hours and 4x a day breathing/vest treatments. His breathing has improved a lot since we got here (I didn’t even think it was that bad in the first place) and they want to re-check his lungs with an x-ray on Monday.

I’m pretty irritated that we will be here for another damn week. It’s so mind baffling to me that we came in for constipation and expected a one night stay and now there is all this other crap we have to deal with! He didn’t even have any real symptoms indicating any kind of breathing difficulties or infection. This disease is ridiculous and it freaking sucks ass… Sorry, like I said, I am pretty irritated today.

During his morning breathing treatments

During his morning breathing treatments


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