5/10/14 – 10am Update

So the doctors have been going back and forth about a discharge date for Austin for a while now; first it is maybe Mother’s Day and then they decide to keep him for the full 2 weeks. This morning his pulmonary doctor came in and said so far he hasn’t cultured much other than the high amount of the white blood cells neutrophils, which they expected with the amount of inflammation he has in his lungs.

His doctor then told me that if he doesn’t really culture anything else from his bronch sample, they WILL let us go home a little early, possibly Monday. We are going to discuss setting an official discharge date tomorrow, after his bronch sample has had another 24 hrs to culture.

These guys gotta stop pulling my strings here, giving me hope that we will go home sooner and then telling me it’s not going to happen. I really hope that this time they don’t change their minds again! The weather this upcoming week is supposed to be really warm and perfect for outdoor fun πŸ™‚

Other than the new info about his bronch culture not showing much and the potential earlier discharge date, nothing much has changed. Like I’ve said before, his breathing has improved since we got here and he is noticeably using less effort from his stomach to help him breathe. They seem to think his breathing is starting to slow down a little bit too, but I haven’t really noticed that too much because he goes through so many cycles of really fast breathing and “normal” breathing speeds.

That’s all I got for this update πŸ™‚


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