Today’s CF Clinic Appointment!

Today was Austin’s first official clinic visit back at UCSF and it felt like we were right at home! It felt as if we had been going to UCSF instead of Stanford for the last 10 or 11 months! We just love all the people at UCSF!

Anywho, they weighed him in at 23 lb 5 oz with clothes and somewhat of a wet diaper on, which was surprising because I am used to having him weighed naked, but I guess he can’t be weighed in naked for the rest of his life!! The nurse had a tough time getting Austin’s height because he was SO cranky. His BMI is about 55% with today’s weight and his more accurate height from his hospital stay.

Austin’s dietitian upped his does of his vitamin D3 to 2 mL a day because his vitamin levels in the hospital were only 21, lower than the 23 he had at 6 months (they want him at 30 or higher). We are also going to try to add more calcium rich foods to his diet and more FAT. That means more butter, more cream, more fatty oils… The works.

They are slightly concerned about his food intake, since he hasn’t been eating much for the last 4 days. He also has some stomach pain, which could mean he needs a slightly higher dose of enzymes with food.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. We are heading to the Elephant Bar right now for lunch. Hopefully Austin will eat something!!!



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