Today’s Unscheduled UCSF Appointment…

Austin has been coughing quite a bit the past week and it is probably the worst cough he has ever had. I brought him to UCSF today so that he could be checked out. He had a chest x-ray, which actually showed an improvement in his airways from the first one he had when he was originally hospitalized. His doctor decided to treat him for whooping cough as a precautionary thing since it has been going around like crazy in CA. He has his official whooping cough test on Wednesday at his 15 month wellness check up with his pediatrician.

He will be on Azithromycin for 5 days and Sulfamethoxazole for 2 weeks.

Austin weighed 22.6 lbs (48th percentile), meaning he has gained pretty much NO weight in the last 2 months at all. His height was a little under 32 inches, putting his BMI to the lowest it has been in over 6 months.  Before going into the hospital his BMI was 48%, when he left the hospital his BMI was 51%, and now his BMI is at a measly 29%.

He has been referred to a GI specialist at UCSF and hopefully we can figure out why he is having so many reflux issues lately (he has thrown/spit up several different times in the past 3 weeks).

Anywho, hopefully these antibiotics knock out this nasty wet cough!!!! Keep Austin in your prayers.


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