Austin at 18 months

Austin McKean Woods at 18 months:

Weight: 25 pounds 10 ounces

Height: over 34 inches

Hair/eye color: light brown & brown

Favorite foods: Mac & Cheese, pizza, cheetos, apples, pancakes

Favorite toys: CARS. Everywhere. All day. Every day.

Favorite things to chew on: also his cars :/

Favorite song: Songs from Madagascar and Frozen and Curious George theme song

Favorite thing to watch: Toy Story movies, Madagascar movies, Brave, Cars, Frozen, Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin

Austin can say: nothing really new! He has been mastering his motor/climbing skills the past few months. He loves to babble nonsense, but often refuses to use real words. He is a very good listener though (when he wants to be) and will do pretty much anything you ask him to do. One thing new he does actually say from time to time is please (or “eeease” as he says it).

Milestones this past month: He sleeps in a big boy toddler bed, however, since he recently broke the metal bottom frame, he will probably be upgrading to a REAL big boy (twin) bed in a week or so. He has never really been into dancing, but he is starting to get into it, especially when the song “I like to move it” from Madagascar is on.

For Halloween this year, Austin will either be a firefighter or a SF Giants baseball player (free costumes for us since he already has so much Giants gear and a firefighter rain jacket/boots).



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