Health Update on Austin: 5/5/15

It has been quite a while since I updated this blog and that is mostly because Austin has been doing so great the past few months!!! He just finished a 2 week round of oral antibiotics for a little cough he has had on and off for a while. Other than that, Austin is being your typical “terrible two year old!”

Our Great Strides team has raised $9,080 since we started in 2013. My goal this year was to raise $5,000, however, I find that trying to raise all this money by myself is really draining so I won’t be doing much fundraising for this year’s walk. It would be nice to reach $10,000 total raised, but I’m not holding my breath. Also, for the past two years, our “team” included only Tyler and I, while other teams had up to 25 people raising money/walking with them. Unless some people decide to sign up for the walk with us, I will not be doing the physical walk in Santa Cruz this year.

Austin McKean Woods at 2 years old:

Weight: Just under 28 pounds

Height: 37 inches (REALLY TALL for his age)

Hair/eye color: light brown & brown

Favorite foods: Mac & Cheese, pizza, cheetos, apples, jelly beans, pop corn

Favorite toys: CARS. Everywhere. All day. Every day. “Bouncy balls” (as Austin would say)

Favorite things to chew on: Cars, random stuff he finds on the floor

Favorite song: I Like to Move It from Madagascar

Favorite thing to watch: Bubble Guppies, Bolt, Paw Patrol, Curious George

Austin can say: Really random sentences now! Some examples are: Where is it?, There it is!, I need it, I want that ball, Bless you (after you sneeze), I want to go outside, put on my shoes…. there are more but some of them are so random!

Milestones this past month: He’s definitely talking more and it makes understanding him a little bit easier.



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