Starting 2nd Round of Antibiotics… Health Update: 6/22/15

I feel like I hardly post anything on here anymore, which is a good thing, because I tend to post on here when he is sick or reaching another age milestone.

I spoke to one of Austin’s doctors today about a cough that has been lingering for a little over 3 weeks now. Although it has slightly improved (it didn’t even slightly improve until day 11 out of 14 days of antibiotics), it is still there and he is acting more tired than typical. The best way I can describe it is that Austin RARELY naps anymore, maybe 2-3 times a month and in the past couple weeks he’s been napping (or seriously needing a nap) 2-3 times a week! Unfortunately for me, the extra napping has been more worrisome than a blessing. With CF, being extra tired is usually an indicator that something is up.

Austin will be starting another round of antibiotics for 14 days (a different antibiotic than the one he started in early June). We are also doing albuterol every 4 hours to see if maybe that might make a difference. If it does, Austin will be put on a steroid for a few days. If the extra albuterol doesn’t make much of a difference, we will wait until next Monday to see if 1 week of the new antibiotic helps. If the antibiotics do not help, we will go to UCSF for a sick clinic visit to double check everything and worst case scenario, he will be admitted. I hope that will not be the case and I am actually really happy we have these other options to try first!

Please send the little man some extra prayers!


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