1 Month post-hospitalization update:

As many of you know, Austin was hospitalized for a Cystic Fibrosis “tune-up” (IV antibiotics and extra breathing treatments) from October 16th until October 30th. He left the hospital weighing 32.4 lbs, but quickly dropped to 30.0 lbs within 10 days after being discharged. As a result, g-tube talk was being brought up again by his GI doctors.  However, we decided to try an appetite stimulant, which his doctors were initially hesitant to do because he has delayed gastric emptying and the medicine would further delay it.

Austin has been on the appetite stimulant for just about a week now and there has been a noticeable increase in his appetite, although it is still far off from what it used to be just a few months ago. His weight has increased to 31.0 lbs since starting the appetite stimulant. I am hopeful that this will keep him “in the clear” weight-wise and the g-tube talk can be put on the back burner!

He has 2 follow-up appointments coming up on December 4th at UCSF; his CF/pulmonology appointment is at 11 am and he will see his GI team at 4pm. I will do my best to try and post an update on here, if not, definitely keep checking the For Austin Woods Facebook page.



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